Tuesday, November 24, 2020

HVAC Tips – Keeping Cozy This Holiday Season


The holiday season is here. However, the big question remains; is your home ready for the holidays? It’s not just home decorations that people need to be concerned about. Everyone should be focusing on making the entire home cozy for the rest of the winter season. Is your heating and cooling system running fine? If not, you should probably be looking into some tips on how to maintain your HVAC system or perhaps call a technician to sort out any problems before it gets busier. Here are some tips that you could follow:

 Keeping your HVAC running smoothly and efficiently during winter

 Focus on efficiency – regardless of the type of HVAC system you may have, it is important that it runs smoothly during the holiday season. Efficiency should be the focus of your efforts. Find out whether there are leaks in your ductwork and make sure your windows and doors are all sealed properly. Bear in mind that proper insulation works hand in hand with your HVAC unit.

 If you haven’t had time to check your windows all-year-round, now is the time to do so. Windows and doors are major contributors to HVAC inefficiency. Air can escape through small openings and particularly out bigger ones like windows and doors. You might also want to consider upgrading your windows to more energy-efficient ones that are fully insulated.

 Check your thermostat if it is working properly. If you are still using an old thermostat, consider upgrading. Though you might not find much value in a programmable thermostat at first, you will reap the benefits of energy-efficiency later on. Florence heating and cooling is far more effective when the thermostat can be intelligently programmed.

 Install whole-home humidifiers – it is quite normal for air to become crisp and thin during the winter season. Indoor air often loses humidity in low temperatures. To resolve this issue, have your HVAC contractor install a whole-home humidifier to ensure that you can comfortably breathe air anywhere in your house.

 Dry air often causes scratchy throat and dry skin. You’ll find that these issues can arise in the colder months of the year. Having a humidifier installed will neutralize the air, causing it to feel softer as if it were during normal months.

 Schedule an HVAC maintenance – there are plenty of DIY tips on the internet about HVAC maintenance. However, what they often tell you is that it is often harder than it sounds. Sure, you can find a video explaining how to clean your air filter and checking your condenser and evaporator coils but can you do it?

 If you are busy enough that you can’t handle doing DIY HVAC maintenance, hire a technician to do it for you. The services are offered by Florence HVAC Experts are far better than any DIY maintenance you can do. This is not to discourage homeowners, though. Rather, this is more of telling people to ensure the HVAC unit is working as intended without the added risk of causing more problems.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Autumn HVAC Maintenance Checklist


Any homeowner who wants to be cozy during the winter is probably scrambling by now to get their Florence HVAC in working order. Early to mid-autumn is the perfect time to prepare your HVAC unit for winter. This is because things get busier when winter finally arrives. Also, the autumn weather is perfect for household maintenance tasks. It would make sense to make sure your HVAC is properly working while you can still freely move around without being too busy about everything else. If you haven’t completed your maintenance checklist yet, this article will help you out.

 Tips on maintaining your HVAC this fall

 Clean and clear the area surrounding the heat pump – if you haven’t paid much attention to your outside unit all year long, it’s time to give clean the area around it. Your outside unit will not work optimally if there is debris, brush, and other items that could block it. Make sure that your heat pump is working normally. If you haven’t had it checked in a long time, you might want to call your HVAC technician to have it inspected just in case.

 Change your air filters – regardless of the season, dirty air filters must be swapped out with new and clean ones. A dirty air filter will limit the airflow inside your home, making your HVAC less optimized. Other than the limited flow of air, a dirty air filter can also increase energy usage as your unit works harder to maintain desired temperatures.

 Test your thermostat – even the slightest temperature change can be felt. A few degrees higher or lower will have a significant impact on how comfortable you are during the winter. Your thermostat is among some of the components that control the temperature inside the house. Try to play around with your thermostat. Adjust the settings by turning down the temperature for about 10-20 minutes and turning it back up again. See if there is a significant change. If temperatures change within the range of what you set on the thermostat, everything is working fine. Otherwise, call your HVAC contractor and have it checked out.

 Schedule HVAC maintenance at least twice a year

 Preventive maintenance is the key to a properly working system. Although you can maintain some components of your HVAC system, there are some that will require the skills of a professional technician. Bear in mind that there are some parts of your system that professionals like Florence HVAC Experts can handle it. Also, if you were to perform your own maintenance, be ready for the possibility of dealing with a really expensive problem.

 Having your system maintained by a professional HVAC technician means you avoid the hassle of doing the upkeep yourself and the possibility of making any issues worse. If you haven’t already scheduled one this autumn, you should act fast. Prices fluctuate by the season and you might find yourself paying a premium instead of the regular price on services.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

How To Know If HVAC Is Running Efficiently


According to experts, HVAC systems use up a lot of electricity and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that it took up half or more of the monthly energy bill. Heating and cooling will always require a lot of energy. However, that does not mean an HVAC system can’t run efficiently. Out of the factory, HVAC components are designed with efficiency in mind. However, certain factors like installation and maintenance will determine the efficiency of a system in its entire lifetime.

 Here are signs that show your HVAC isn’t running optimally

 The indoor humidity is out of control – while air conditioners are not primarily built to reduce the humidity inside the household, it can help bring the levels down. The cooling process also dehumidifies the air inside a given area. This will give you that cool and crisp sensation when the air conditioning is turned on. However, if the evaporator coils are dirty, humidity levels will be out of control. Although the air is cool, it won’t feel as crisp. In turn, this also causes energy consumption to rise as humid air is harder to cool. To remedy this, Florence HVAC maintenance must be strictly observed.

 Utility bills are higher – heating and cooling can use up a lot of energy. However, this should not be the reason why there are spikes in your energy bill. If you are using the same settings during the same timeframe, your energy bill should not rise unless the charges were raised. If you suspect that your HVAC is eating up more energy than it should, hire an HVAC contractor to check your system. An inspection coupled with preventive maintenance will ensure that your system is running efficiently.

 You system often breaks down – older HVAC systems are prone to breakdowns. However, this does not mean that you should expect problems every now and then. If this is the case, you should hire professionals like Florence HVAC Experts for appropriate system servicing.

 Ways to keep your system energy-efficient

 Keep the outside unit clean – the outside unit that houses the condenser coils and the compressor must be kept clean at all times. Always make sure that the surroundings of the outside unit are free of any grass, leaves, or anything that could disrupt the normal operation of the unit.

 Keep the condenser clean – the condenser is where the refrigerant turns liquid for the process to repeat itself. If the condenser coils are badly misshapen or dirty, they cannot perform adequately to keep the cycle going. This would result to poor HVAC performance.

 Always schedule periodic maintenance – your entire HVAC system needs to be serviced every few months. This is to maintain the integrity of each individual component in the system. Heating and cooling systems comprise of a lot of moving parts and electrical components. Each component must be kept functioning to its highest level. This can only be achieved by hiring a professional HVAC contractor and performing a regular checkup of the entire system.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Questions Your HVAC Contractor Should Ask You


In case you are considering the replacement or upgrade of your HVAC system, you know for a fact you need the help of an HVAC contractor. You will find countless articles about the questions you need to ask him or her. But have you ever thought about the questions your HVAC contractor should ask you? A reliable contractor wants his or her customer to be able to find the best system that provides comfort without having to break the bank. By ask you the right questions, your contractor can recommend the optimal system for the needs of your family.

 What Makes You Comfortable

 Think about the last time your unit functioned properly. Can you remember at what temperature was your thermostat set last summer? How about during winter? If you prefer your home to be at 65 degrees throughout the year, then you should have a larger air conditioning unit. In case you spend the greater part of the summer season with your air conditioning unit switched off and only turn it back on when you are sweltering, then you can go with a smaller heating and cooling system.

 Do Some Areas In Your Home Feel Uncomfortable When The Unit Is On?

 Your contractor should also ask you if you would like to focus on boosting the comfort in specific areas of your house. This is an important detail when it comes to coming up with a solution that is fit for your needs. Everybody have different ways of living in their houses differently, using different rooms for varying purposes. Two identical houses can have extremely different heating and cooling requirements based on the direction that the home is facing and the way the home is used.

 Your Florence HVAC contractor can also recommend options for different rooms in your house. For instance, the contractor may add more zones to a current system or perhaps add a ductless heat pump to a problem spot. You may also have to get a dehumidifier or humidifier installed on your system to improve the uncomfortable humidity levels in your home. A good HVAC contractor knows that it is very important to learn and ask about the shortcomings of your existing system.

 How Long Do You Plan To Stay In The Home?

 How long you plan to stay in your house is one specific detail that you can share with Florence HVAC Experts. In case you plan to stay in your house for quite a while, perhaps even grow old with it, a high efficiency and excellent quality unit will last much longer and function more efficiently compared to the standard system.

 How Important Is Technology To You?

 There are technological advancements on a daily basis and there will always be better features on the horizon. Your HVAC contractor should be showing you the latest available options in case you wish to stay on top of technology. Current technology lets some HVAC units to be monitored directly from a tablet or cellphone. In case you with to check your unit remotely, you need to have the technology that can do just that. If you prefer to stay simple, a traditional system with a regular thermostat will be recommended by your HVAC contractor.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Money-Saving HVAC Tips This Summer

HVAC-300x200.jpgSummer is the time of the year when your air conditioning gets a full workout. With the blazing heat outside, who wouldn’t crank up their air conditioner? It’s also the time when you see a spike in your electric bill due to the usage of your HVAC system. However, there are different ways on how you could keep the costs from rising.

Ways to keep your electricity bill low during this summer

  1. Upgrade your AC unit with a newer model
If your air conditioning unit is rather old, maybe it’s time you let it go in place of a new one. Older units tend to use up more electricity to keep your home cool. Newer models, on the other hand, will provide superior cooling at a reduced energy cost. Basically, upgrading to a new air conditioning unit means your Florence HVAC will use up less energy, making it pay for itself in the long run.
  1. Put your money in a programmable thermostat
If you don’t want to keep on changing the temperature to keep your HVAC system running optimally, invest in a programmable thermostat. Doing so will make your HVAC run smoother and more efficiently as it will run at specific temperatures during specified hours. In the end, a programmable thermostat would benefit you in terms of energy usage reduction.
  1. Always keep your air filters clean
Clean air filters keep your heating and cooling system working efficiently. HVAC systems are designed to circulate air inside the house while keeping it cool or warm in different occasions. In general, keeping the air filters clean will make your system run better which in turn, lessens the required energy.
  1. Keep your vents free from dirt
Your vents may already be dirty and you just don’t know it. Be sure that any dust collecting on the vents are wiped away. If you need to get all the dirt away, hire a professional that offers duct cleaning services. Be sure that you are hiring the right professional, though. Only deal with a licensed technician for the best results.
  1. Keep your outside unit clean
The outside unit of your HVAC system must be clean at all times. Any dirt and debris can impede the performance of the unit which will have an impact on how much electricity it uses up. In addition, it also keeps the system away from breakdowns. In some cases, air conditioner repair may be needed. If you require such a service, hire a professional technician.
  1. Keep your system maintained
Maintenance is the key to keeping your unit in top shape. Your HVAC system must be checked for issues and cleaned on a regular basis. Hire experts like Florence HVAC Experts for any HVAC issues you may have.
  1. Hire an expert
Although you can always opt to maintain your HVAC system on your own, things don’t always go according to plan. The best option is to hire an HVAC technician to keep your system running accordingly especially during the summer when the heat becomes unbearable.

If you want to cut back on energy costs this summer, keep your HVAC maintained. For all HVAC concerns, call Florence HVAC Experts.

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Air Conditioner Repair Tips – Choosing The Right System

air-conditioner-repair-300x200.jpgChoosing the kind of air conditioner you install in your home is important. With the right brand, model, and type of air conditioner, you can choose how long the system will last. Other than that, there are other aspects that come into play such as ease of air conditioner repair and servicing. In the long run, your air conditioner will need to be maintained or repaired. Depending on the type you have, maintenance and repairs might become expensive or not. That’s why it is important to choose which type of AC unit is best for your home.

Type of air conditioner units for your home

  1. Central air conditioning
For larger homes, this type of air conditioning system is the most common option. It is efficient since the entire household can be cooled down which leaves no hotspots. However, this type of system requires a lot of planning. The cooling is done through supply and return ducts. This means ductwork must be planned and installed accordingly for the system to work efficiently. It is also expensive compared to other systems.
  1. Split-type air conditioners
This type of air conditioner system is comprised of two separate components. There’s one indoor and an outdoor unit that works in unison to complete the cooling function. It does not require ductwork which is why Florence air conditioner repair is rather easy when compared to a central air conditioner. It’s also perfect if you choose to cool only certain areas of your home.
  1. Window-type air conditioners
Unlike a split-type air conditioner, window units are enclosed in a single housing. It is installed in the window, hence the name. It’s also the easiest to maintain and repair. Since the unit itself can be taken out quite easily. However, window-type air conditioners are only meant for single rooms. It is not recommended for larger applications. You don’t necessarily need to hire an HVAC contractor to set it up but some units are heavy and you will need the extra hand.
  1. Portable air conditioners
A portable air conditioner is basically just like a window unit. However, instead of being fixed onto a window, portable air conditioners can be hauled around making for a quick way to cool a specified room. It has a house that expels the hot air which is normally directed out the window. There are fittings designed to allow the house to stay on the window without letting outside air in.
  1. Hybrid air conditioners
A hybrid air conditioner is one that runs bot on electricity and fossil fuel. Normally, a hybrid heat pump system switches to whatever energy source to be able to save money. It will prove useful if either electricity or fossil fuel prices rise. However, it does not come without any caveats. Unlike simpler systems, hybrid air conditioners are not that easy to repair. Other than that, repair costs can be higher than your average air conditioner repair. You would also need to call in a specialist like Florence HVAC Experts to fully repair or maintain the system. Of course, these systems do have their own advantages. Depending on your needs, you should choose your air conditioner wisely.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

5 Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Properly

air-conditioner-repair-1-300x200.jpgWhen the temperature outside steadily rises, we rely on our trusty air conditioner to keep us cool. However, there are times when the air conditioning unit just doesn’t do its job quite as well. It’s during these times that knowing how to troubleshoot your AC unit can save your day. Of course, major air conditioner repair is still best left to the professionals. On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel helpless when your air conditioner acts upon you. Here are some ways on how you can bring your AC unit back to its former glory:

Issues that might require air conditioner repair

Incorrectly set thermostat – a lot of people still don’t know that the thermostat is a key component that determines the efficiency of the air conditioner. Even if you have a properly working AC unit, it won’t perform as expected if the thermostat is set incorrectly. Luckily, you don’t need to call your local HVAC contractor for Florence air conditioner repair unless there’s an issue with the thermostat itself. Be sure that the thermostat is set accordingly. If you have problems changing the settings from time to time, upgrade to a programmable thermostat for better accuracy and efficiency. Dirty filter – a dirty filter can be as harmful to your system as forgoing repairs. When dirty filters are not replaced immediately, it causes the system to work harder than they should. If this happens for an extended period, the overall lifespan of your unit will be lessened or other issues may arise. Be sure to replace dirty air filters whenever necessary or as described by the manufacturer. Low refrigerant – unlike incorrect thermostat settings or a dirty air filter, you can’t fix an air conditioner with a low refrigerant charge. You will need to have your HVAC contractor come over. Most of the time, this issue happens when there is a leak in the system. This can only be fixed through patching up the hole where the refrigerant leaked. However, before the repair can be done, the contractor needs to find the source of the leak first which can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two. Condenser requires cleaning – the outdoor unit of your air conditioner also needs some TLC after operating for some time. Sometimes, dirt can find its way into the slits in between the condenser coils. This makes the heat exchange process inefficient which affects how the system provides cooling inside your home. Fan or compressor is faulty – a faulty fan or compressor will undoubtedly affect the way your air conditioner performs. If you notice that there isn’t any cooling, check the outside unit of your air conditioner. Check if the compressor is running or not. If in case it is no longer working, be sure to contact experts like Florence HVAC Experts right away. Don’t delay any repairs. Some parts may still have an active warranty which will lower or remove any costs for repair. For all HVAC repair or other concerns, call local experts in your area. Delaying repairs will only result in more problems.

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