Wednesday, June 12, 2019

HVAC Tips – 7 Ways To Boost Efficiency

HVAC-1-300x199.jpgWe all want to stay comfortable at home all year long. Your HVAC system plays a great role in terms of keeping that comfort. However, there are ways to increase the efficiency of your HVAC system even more. You can do a number of things to reduce power consumption while keeping comfort. Here are seven tips on how to increase the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Tips on giving your HAVC a lighter load

Open those windows – the seasons take a beating on your HVAC unit as it works overtime to provide cool room temperature during summer and warmth during winter. However, during spring and fall, you can ease up a little bit on your heating and cooling usage. Give your HVAC system a small break by turning off your thermostat and opening those windows. Let the naturally cool air outside flow into your home. This saves you money in terms of energy costs in the long run. These transition seasons allow for lighter HVAC usage. If you don’t know how to properly set up your thermostat, you could always call your local HVAC contractor for assistance. Don’t forget to change those filters – in between seasons (during fall and spring) is the best time to swap out those filters with new ones. You could either clean those filters or have new ones installed. Either way, clean filters ensure that the HVAC unit is working normally and don’t have to spend more energy to cool or heat the entire home. HVAC tips in winter Use thick blankets – instead of increasing the heat, use thick blankets instead. This will cut energy usage significantly without a tradeoff. A nice thick blanket paired with hot cocoa normally does the trick. Get the right thermostat setting – a lot of people tend to step up or lower their thermostat settings to increase heating or cooling. As stated in the previous tips, there are ways on how to keep cool or stay warm without the need for cranking up the thermostat. Going for a reasonable thermostat setting is always the best. It may be tempting to adjust that thermostat but doing so would not be efficient at all. Experts like Florence HVAC Experts can be of great help to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Tips during summer Keep your linens light – lighter materials for your linens is one of the main ways to cut down on energy costs. It’s a no-brainer. All you need to do is choose a linen material like cotton to keep cool at night without lowering the thermostat. Don’t overdo it with the thermostat – setting your thermostat too low can increase the chances of your system failing. Temperature settings that are too low can cause the system to malfunction as it tries to balance internal and external temperatures. Overall, saving energy costs involves a good thermostat setting and unit. Invest your money in a thermostat that can learn and adapt to your usage. These kinds of thermostats save you money and let you control temperature settings with ease. Call your local HVAC contractor Florence for more ideas.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Perks Of Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

HVAC-300x200.jpgHVAC systems are designed to perform their best right out of the box. However, with months of constant use, your HVAC system will require maintenance to maintain its level of performance like the first time you got it. Skipping maintenance will reduce the efficiency of your system. And since it deals with air circulation, dust will accumulate on the filters causing the system to be inefficient if unmaintained. Aside from being inefficient, an HVAC system that has not been properly maintained will consume more electricity and will translate to increase energy bills.  

Maintenance offers many benefits for your HVAC system

A lot of us don’t really pay attention to the need for regular maintenance. We just turn it on and as long as it functions it is okay. However, this is bad practice. As a homeowner, you must always be aware of when you need to service your HVAC Florence. When you have your system serviced in the right time, it will preserve the integrity of your unit. And of course, it will have positive impacts on the unit and its performance. Repair costs are greatly lowered If your HVAC unit is a couple of years old, it would have incurred some wear and tear due to constant use. Some of the effects of aging and degradation could lead to damages which may require repairs or replacement. However, repair costs would be greatly lowered by frequent maintenance. An HVAC system that is maintained at least once or twice a year may increase the lifespan of the unit significantly. It will also keep the costs of repair to a minimum. Always have your system maintained regularly. You may need to have it serviced more times in a year depending on your location. Some areas may have negative impacts on the unit. For instance, areas with a lot of trees would mean a lot of dirt when the wind hits the trees. Fallen branches and leaves may be an issue later on. Always be sure to keep the area of your outside unit clean as possible. If you are able to, install a fence within the perimeter to ensure that there is not dirt and debris that could damage the unit. Have your system maintained by qualified professionals like Florence HVAC Experts. Professional care is always better. DIY maintenance is possible but may not be as good as that of a professional’s work. Air quality is greatly improved Bad indoor air quality is a major cause for lung diseases in the United States. Dirty coils and filters will increase the chances of lung problems for people within the house. Don’t wait too long to have your coils and filters cleaned. When you leave your unit unmaintained for a long time, bacteria may reside on the coils and filters which could harm the health of the people dwelling in the home. Dirty coils and filters could trigger asthma and other lung problems. On the other hand, a clean HVAC will improve the overall air quality. Don’t hesitate to have your unit maintained by an HVAC contractor. They will take care of your system and you can reap the benefits of a well maintained HVAC system.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Impacts Of High Humidity On Your AC System

air-conditioner-repair-300x214.jpgHumidity makes the heat even more unbearable for almost anyone. That’s just one of the ways humidity affects people. In a nutshell, high humidity is the least bit comfortable for us outdoors and indoors. The same goes for your AC. Have you ever thought about how humidity impacts your air conditioning unit? Your AC unit will be bound to have problems if humidity remains at a consistent high. In extreme cases, air conditioner repair may be needed for units that have been damaged by humidity. Read on to understand more about how high humidity impacts your air conditioning unit and how you can prevent damages.

Indoor Humidity And What It Does To Your Air Conditioning

For homes, the ideal humidity level is around 30-60%. Any more than this could signal problems later on. You can check the humidity level in your home by doing a few steps. The first thing you could try out is to use a hygrometer. This device is easy to use and can be bought at your local home improvement store. The other thing that you could do is to check your windows and walls for condensation. You may also check for any signs of mold. Usually, mold grows when there is excess moisture, a sign that humidity levels are constantly high within your home. Is my AC capable of controlling humidity? Basically, your air conditioning unit is not designed to control the humidity levels in your home. Your AC unit is controlled by a thermostat which senses the temperature in a given area but not the humidity level. However, during the cooling process, some of the humidity in the air is drawn out and condensed onto the fins. Although some of the humidity is taken out, your AC is not designed to control humidity. The partial removal of humidity is only a byproduct of the cooling process. You may contact your HVAC contractor for more information regarding the matter. How will too much humidity impact my AC? Aside from promoting mold growth, high humidity can have adverse effects on your air conditioning unit. High humidity can force your air conditioner to work harder. As it becomes uncomfortable, it is likely that the user would turn down the thermostat even more to rid the effects of humidity. When this happens, your air conditioning unit will work harder, resulting in increased power consumption and frequent maintenance. In case your AC requires maintenance, call your HVAC contractor Florence right away. Don’t wait until you have a problem before you get your AC checked out. What should I do to keep humidity levels down? The easiest thing to do is to get yourself a dehumidifier. They could either be stand-alone or can be built into your HVAC system. Your local HVAC contractor like Florence HVAC Experts would know what you need in your home and what the most suitable solution is. Also, it is necessary that you schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit. There’s nothing better than scheduled maintenance to prevent any damage to your AC unit.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

How To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System

HVAC-system-300x200.jpgHVAC systems are made to last for many years. However, without the appropriate air conditioning maintenance, you might find that you have to find a replacement much sooner rather than later. Air conditioning units, as well as furnaces, could be very expensive to replace. You surely do not want to do that every couple of years. HVAC Load Calculation You need to make sure if you are having a new HVAC unit installed, it should be properly sized. This can be done through a load calculation. This is critical because an incorrect size system can lead to extra wear and tear. Also, a system that is too small for your home will continuously run but will never be able to give you the comfort you need. Meanwhile, a system that is too big needs to be turned on and off constantly because it will reach the temperature right away and this will result in moisture problems and deterioration on the system. Have It Inspected Regularly One good way of extending the lifespan of your HVAC system is to have it inspected by a professional HVAC contractor. This will not just extend the life of your air conditioning unit but also assist you in saving cash on the cost of running your air conditioning system. During the inspection, the HVAC technicians may also fix minor issues and stop them from becoming serious issues. Replace Filters On A Regular Basis You may have heard this advice a lot of times before but it needs to be repeated all the time. A blocked filter prevents the airflow and will cause the unit to work harder than usual. This can cause the furnace to overheat and even shorten the lifespan of your Florence HVAC system. The recommended time frame to have your filters replaced is every three months. However, it is also ideal to have it replaced monthly especially during summer and winter because it is being used more often. This simple method will help protect the components of your system and improve your indoor air quality. Let It Rest The more your unit runs, the more it becomes susceptible to deterioration. Because you are using your HVAC system all the time during winter, you may want to reduce the temperature before you leave the house so that it can get the rest it needs. Keep It Clean In case your HVAC system has an outdoor unit, you have to make sure that it is clean. Grass clippings, leaves, twigs, as well as other debris may build up on the condenser unit located outdoors. Get rid of the debris and hose off the condenser coil every once in a while. Help Your Unit You should also help your HVAC unit by not relying on them all the time. There are simple things you can do to help extend the life of your HVAC system. These include closing the blinds during summer, using your ceiling fans, sealing and insulating your home properly, cleaning your outdoor system, changing the filters, and scheduling a regular HVAC inspection from professionals like Florence HVAC Experts.

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Air Conditioning 101 – Understanding SEER Ratings

air-conditioning-300x200.jpgIf you recently went around to look for a new air conditioning unit, you’d notice that there are SEER ratings that come with every unit. What exactly does it mean? How do these ratings influence your decision? The abbreviation stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which basically indicates how efficient a particular air conditioning system runs.

How is SEER calculated and what it means for air conditioning Florence

Calculating SEER is basically taking the amount of heat transferred from one area during a set amount of time by the electricity consumed during the said time. What a SEER rating takes into account is the performance of the unit through various temperatures within a cooling season. When an air conditioning unit is given a high SEER rating, it means that it is more efficient and takes up less electricity to cool a given space. What’s the ideal SEER rating? More than a decade ago, air conditioning units had SEER ratings as low as 6. Nowadays, air conditioning units are rated at around 13-25. The efficiency of the units have grown significantly over the years as cooling technology advanced. The Department of Energy has set SEER rating requirements for air conditioning units. However, the requirement may vary depending on your location. Some areas have a requirement of 13 while others need to have 14. If you’re oblivious about SEER ratings and what is the required value in your location, contact experts like Florence HVAC Experts. They should know what type of air conditioning unit to recommend. Other efficiency indicators EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio – unlike SEER, EER does not measure the performance of an AC unit through a range of outside temperatures. Rather, it measure efficiency through set inside and outside temperatures with 50% relative humidity. ENERGY STAR – established in 1992 by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, the ENERGY STAR label is only given to products that pass the EPA’s standards. Basically, these energy efficiency ratings give you a clear idea of how air conditioning units differ in terms of power consumption. There are a lot of differences from one brand to another but these ratings remain constant. Focusing on these ratings would give you a better air conditioning unit in terms of efficiency regardless of which brand you choose. The next time that you are in the market for ACs, remember these:
  • There are more energy efficiency indicators aside from SEER namely EER and ENERGY star
  • The size of the air conditioning unit makes a difference. Make sure the size you choose is enough to cool your intended space
  • Remember to have proper insulation for the intended area for better efficiency
  • Efficiency is directly affected by performance. Always have your air conditioning units maintained to ensure proper operation all year round.
If you are uncertain about how to choose your air conditioning unit, you should consult the experts first. Air conditioning units cool the insides of your home, however, you need to ensure that the AC you choose is capable of cooling the target space. Consult a professional at all times including purchases, repair, and maintenance.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Getting Better Indoor Air Through Proper HVAC Maintenance

HVAC-300x200.jpgYour health and productivity are both affected by factors including temperature, lighting, and air quality inside your home. In general, stale air isn’t any good for the body. Instead of giving you fresh oxygen, stale air gradually degrades your physical health. A number of ailments could stem from stale air alone. That’s the reason why it is important to keep fresh air flowing into your home. One of the ways to do this is to maintain your HVAC system. Basically, a healthy HVAC system translates to better indoor air quality. A well-maintained HVAC system produces cleaner air than a poorly-maintained unit would. There are a lot of HVAC companies in South Carolina, particularly in Florence. You can call one of the best in the industry, Florence HVAC Experts. They can work with a variety of jobs including HVAC systems, air conditioning units, heating and cooling, and more. Keeping your indoor air healthy will ensure that your home is safe to live in. Maintaining your HVAC system once or twice a year helps keep the system efficient and the air clean, keeping you away from airborne allergens.

How often should you maintain your HVAC?

Depending on your location, HVAC systems should be cleaned at least once or twice a year. This is to ensure that all parts of the system are working as intended. Check out these three factors that contribute to the efficiency of your HVAC system: Adequate system size – this is the first factor that you should always consider. When buying an HVAC Florence system, be sure that you are choosing a unit that has enough power for your entire home. A unit that has too much capacity would only east up more power than necessary during startup. On the other hand, a unit that has a smaller capacity than needed would struggle to keep your home warm or cool, putting too much stress on the unit. With a unit that has adequate capacity, you can ensure that there is enough airflow inside your house, keeping the air fresh at all times. If unsure about what capacity you should get, contact your nearest HVAC contractor for help. Preventive maintenance – upkeep is necessary for all household appliances and especially for HVAC systems. Most often, maintenance is done once a year or twice depending on where you are located. If you are uncertain on how to proceed with maintaining your HVAC system, call your HVAC contractor to have it checked out. Proper cycling – if your HVAC unit is cycling properly, it will completely cool or warm up your room gradually and consistently. This is quite normal if your system is working optimally. However, in cases where the system is short cycling, it means there could be some issues that lead to inefficiency. Some issues include low refrigerant level, dirty air filters, or dirty evaporators. It is easy to detect if your system is short cycling, it turns on and off in short bursts. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your unit, call your local contractor immediately.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Basic Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Steps

air-conditioning-repair-300x200.jpgIf your air conditioning unit isn’t working as intended, you might want to consider air conditioning repair. But before that, you could also perform some troubleshooting steps that could solve the problem right away. There are a number of things that you could do. These normally involve doing certain steps that don’t require in-depth technical knowledge. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your air conditioning unit.

Steps to take before considering air conditioning repair

Check your thermostat and make sure that it is set to a temperature that’s lower than the current room temperature. This is the first thing that you should do and the thermostat must be set to “cool” to ensure that it is indeed set to cooling state. Also, be sure that your thermostat has fresh batteries. The next thing on the list is checking the power. Switch the air conditioning unit on and set the fan from “auto” to “on”. In case the fan doesn’t turn on, the control must have been damaged or there may have been a power issue. If the blower is working as intended, it indicates power. On the other hand, if the blower or compressor does not turn on, you might want to call a professional for air conditioning repair Florence. During your initial check, check the condenser if it is working. Turn the fan to auto and set the switch to cool. Afterward, turn the thermostat to a temperature that is lower than the actual room temperature. Check the circuit breaker panel if in case the fan works but the condenser doesn’t. To dig a little deeper, there is a button located near the refrigerant lines that will allow you to check if things are working correctly. Press the button firmly and hold it for a couple of seconds. If there is still no cooling, move on to the larger pipes of the condenser. If it is warm, it indicates a problem with the compressor of the HVAC system. Either the compressor is turned down or it is not working at all. If the copper line is cool, it also suggests some other problems that may include airflow issues that normally suggests clogged filters. When the Freon charge in the pipes drop, it could lead to freezing. If this occurs, shut the system down and let the ice melt and let the condensed water drip. After doing so, turn the system back on and see if the freezing occurs. If it still does, it is time to call in a professional to have it fixed.

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